Zen has been lovingly hand poured by us at GRACE SYDNEY Candles, this gorgeous candle is your go to, to create a relaxing and calm environment in your home!

An exciting collaboration with Chelsea creator / owner of Bundled Joy an innovative new business creating baby and mumma bundles featuring products Chelsea has tried herself after the birth of her first born child Kayd.  Head over to her website to check out these amazing bundles 

We worked tirelessly together to bring you the perfect blend of fragrances. Our Zen candle embodies Lavender, Clary Sage, Lemon, Bergamot, Vanilla & Amber.

The ideal company when running a warm bath and getting ready to wind down for the night. Being a Mum is tiring and hard at times, that is why it is important to have some 'me' time too! 

250g approx burn time 45 hours



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